Database Configuration

Creating and configuring a new billing database can become a daunting task, requiring not only a deep understanding of your firm’s billing practices and protocols, but a thorough knowledge of the functionality and features that the new database offers. We can help with this database configuration task, and by gaining an understanding of your present internal billing practices we can configure your new database to either replicate or improve upon your present billing methodologies.

Following a “discovery process” with your firm’s billing staff we can design a database structure that includes all of the critical elements for an efficient billing process, including:

  • security settings to safeguard key configuration elements from “unauthorized” users
  • user login credentials and security settings
  • timekeeper coding definitions
  • default billing rates
  • task and expense code definitions
  • client and matter coding schemes
  • invoice layout templates
  • custom abbreviations for frequently used terms and phrases

Our configuration services, combined with any data migration required from a prior billing system, are designed to get your firm tracking your time and expenses, and billing through TimeSolv, with a minimum of disruption to the firm.