Outsourced Billing

TimeSolv offers an Outsourced Billing option to users of their billing system. This option can be especially attractive to smaller firms that do not have the requisite personnel to effectively manage the billing function.  Attorneys can still enter their time and expenses directly into the system, but the process of preparing and sending invoices is managed directly by TimeSolv, often resulting in more timely and accurate invoices, which leads to quicker payment.

If this service is used in conjunction with LawPay – which is supported by TimeSolv – payments from clients can be received even more quickly. Pricing for the TimeSolv Outsourced Billing service ranges from $79 to $129 per month, depending on number of timekeepers and various other options available with the base service.

Here is a diagram of the Outsourced Billing workflow, delineating what tasks the law firm performs (in grey) and what tasks TimeSolv performs (in blue).