Welcome to the Timesolvers Blog

Welcome to the Timesolvers blog!

TimeSolvers-Crtified Consultants for TimeSolvWe will document our experiences bringing clients to the TimeSolv billing system here, and highlight new capabilities and features that are introduced into the product from time to time. You can follow this link to learn more about the TimeSolv product and its various features from the software manufacturer.

As we develop our own set of “tips and tricks” and best practices for TimeSolv, we will publish those here, as well.

We offer a variety of support services to implement and enhance client’s use of the TimeSolv billing software, which you can learn more about by clicking this link.

Check back here from time to time to see what is new with the TimeSolvers, or subscribe to our regular email blasts.

Jack Schaller has been active in the field of law office technology since 1989, and has worked with a variety of commercial accounting, legal billing, practice management, and document management software products during his twenty plus years in the software consulting field. During his tenure as a software consultant he has garnered many sales and service awards for his work with legal software products. Jack is a frequent presenter at legal conferences and seminars, and is a regular contributor to TechnoLawyer and other law office technology publications.